"The stones and the nightmare were waiting for Jackson Cawley as the landrover raced toward the storm."


From Publishers Weekly
Zindel (Loch; see David & Della, below) wastes no time on subtleties or philosophizing in this all-action supernatural/SF thriller. Even before Jackson, a 15-year-old New Yorker, arrives at his anthropologist aunt's lodgings near Stonehenge, he gets a nasty glimpse of the murderous beast that the British Army has engaged his aunt to track down. As Jackson and his aunt, Dr. Cawley, determine, the monster, "Ramid," is an ancient mutant hominid that, in tune with the 19-year cycle of the moon, comes out of its home in abandoned flint mines to feed. When a bite from Ramid gradually puts Dr. Cawley in its thrall, it's up to Jackson and a comely local girl to hunt the monster. Zindel makes plentiful use of local scenery and Stonehenge lore and, for YA thrill-seekers, there's plenty of gore and creepy-crawly slimy stuff. The final showdown on the roof of Salisbury Cathedral is a spine-tingler. Ages 11-15.


Zindel Fan at Age 13
At first I did not like scary books, untill I read The Doom Stone. A friend of mine suggested the book to me. I read it and liked it so much that recently, I purchased another book written by Paul Zindel called Loch. I would reccomend this book to anyone who liked action or horror books. Even if you don't like horror books I suggest you give it a shot.

Action Packed
The book The Doom Stone is very interesting and intriguing and this is not a book that will bore you. This book is about a boy named Jackson who is visiting his Aunt Sara in England. On the way to Aunt Sara's house, Jackson witnessed a man getting attacked by a figure he couldn't quite make out. The same monster later attacked his Aunt Sara. Now Jackson and his new friend Alma are the only ones that can figure out the mystery of the monster.
I liked this book because it was exiting. It has a lot of action packed scenes, and at times, it is gory. It also makes you think at parts. If you like these things in a book, I suggest you read The Doom Stone.

Great Book
This is a great book, coming from a guy that hates to read. True I dislike reading, but I couldn't put this thing down. It goes into great detail about the gore and uses good, 'better', choice of words for us "young adults". This is a great book. Get It NOW!

Spinethiller and Action!!
The book The Doom Stone by Paul Zindel is one of my personal favorites. It has action, mystery, and the wondrous Stonehenge. To begin, always like a book with action. In this book there is an amazing encounter with Ramid, a strange alien. The first time the people saw Ramid, he was hiding in a mill. As a soldier went to look for Ramid, the creature jumped out and bit his head off. This book also has mystery. Why is Ramid here is one? How can they defeat it is the other? Other people using weapons will make him absorb and recover. The final reason I like this book is because the scenery is around stonehenge. I've never known much about stonehenge, so it is interesting to read about it. In brief, that's why I think The Doom Stone is a fantastic book.