"Loch turned away from the plunging mountainside until he floated hundreds of feet above Lake Alban."

From School Library Journal
Grade 6-9?Zindel draws on his scientific background in this story of Luke Perkins, 15, nicknamed "Loch" after claiming to see a lake monster as a little boy. He and his younger sister, Zaidee, join their oceanographer father on an expedition searching for enormous prehistoric creatures sighted in Lake Alban in Vermont. Their leader, Cavenger, is a ruthless despot who would just as soon annihilate as preserve the Plesiosaurs, water beasts thought to be extinct for over 10 million years. The siblings and Cavenger's daughter befriend Wee Beastie and help it and its family escape to safety; Dr. Perkins, who has been diminished in his own and his childrens' eyes by selling out his ideals in his need for money, redeems himself. The book is really about what makes a family, whether human or creature, as Loch and Zaidee adjust to their mother's death and help their father regain his self-respect. The gruesome attacks by Pleisosaurs on some humans are gory and grisly enough to satisfy even the blood-thirstiest of middle schoolers. Zindel's style capably blends descriptive, figurative language with YA dialogue.


I've Read It 3 Times, Working On 4!!
Anyone who is vegly interested in the loch ness monster or other cryptids should read this book. It's totally awsome, though a little graphic at times. Loch (the main character, a 15 year old boy) and his sister Zadiee have to save the creatures of Lake Alban, but how can they with their father's boss, Cavenger, breathing down there necks trying to capture and probably kill the animals. Their journey is action packed and, and I said, a MUST read. It would make a great movie that people would want to watch over and over and over again, that is why I give this Book 5 stars and would give them more of I could. Bravo Mr.Zindel, This is an AMAZING book!

Zindel`s tale, Loch, is full of adventure and excitement. Loch, the main character, and his sister are on a mission to save the crew and the beasts. One moment they're the hunters; next they're the hunted. Loch and his sister must save the plesiosaurs from a man who will kill or capture them to bring proof that the loch ness monster legend is based on truth. In the book Loch and his sister are the only ones who understand the creature's fear. This book is pure adventure from the start. It is one of the best I've ever read. I like the part where they uncovered a baby plesiosaur. I don't like Cavenger`s daughter because she is a spoiled and snotty girl. I enjoy how Rouge, the father, takes position to protect his family. This is a tragic and heroic book.

Book for Guys
It is a book for the guys. There is lots of blood and guts.