By 9 A.M. I was waiting in front of my apartment house when the coroner's van pulled up, which always drives my Dominican doorman, Miguel, crazy because he says the van is filled with the ticked-off ghosts from fresh dead people."


When Ivan Allen, one of the most famous zoologists at the Bronx Zoo, is attacked by a jaguar and then dies in spite of efforts to save him through a blood transfusion, P.C. Hawke and his best friend, Mackenzie Riggs, accompany Mac's mom, the coroner, to the crime scene. When Mrs. Riggs discovers Ivan Allen died because he was given a lethal transfusion of gorilla blood, P.C. and Mac make it their mission to find out the killer, and are thrilled when the police agree to let them help out on the case. But searching for the truth can be dangerous. As P.C. and Mac dig deeper, they discover some disturbing facts that lead them to believe that Ivan Allen's murder was an act of revenge for a tragedy fourteen years ago. I highly recommend this thrilling mystery to fans of the first three books about P.C. and Mac.


The Lethal Gorilla Rocks
The Lethal Gorilla by Paul Zindel is an awesome, extraordinary book, and I am one who doesn't care for mysteries. I love the part where Mac and P.C. are stuck in the hallway, it was so intense and you didn't know if Gargantua was going to leave them alone or not. Definitly two thumbs up!