Co-written by Bonnie Zindel


A young girl desperately tries to become a star before tragedy strikes.

This novel warmed my heart!
Ten minutes ago i put this novel down. Reading Level 5? Who are you kidding, i would read this novel at age 20! Bonnie and Paul Zindel paired up well to write a fantastic duet story that was both passionate and foreboding. A Star For the Latecomer tells a wonderful story of a girl pressured by her dieing mom to be a champion dancer. Brooke Hillary, the star of the novel, must make up for all that her mother had lost in her own childhood, and therefore, Brooke loses her childhood as well. This powerful novel, depicts what we all feel at some time or another, to make someone proud. Brooke's character has an international appeal that every one can relate to. She shares the emotions of the world. Brooke wants to be loved, she wants to give love, she wants to live, she wants to feel complete, and at times she feels that all is lost. I personally have read almost every single title out by Paul Zindel (he is my favorite author), and let me say that this novel was no disapointment to me. At the climatic ending, i dont think i took a breath. Then at Brooke's epiphany, i symphathized with her, and felt as though she was truley real. It takes a good author, or should i say authors, to perform such an act. Kudos to both of you, Bonnie and Paul. Please write more novels like this one, it has almost become a secretive therapy of mine reading your novels!

This book brought me to tears!
I believe that this book will emotionally change your life. The part that was the most gut-wrenching was when I read the few last chapters. I loved this book with all my heart. As I was reading through this marveleous book I grew to know the troubles Brooke was going through and you had this certain familiarity with her life as you would read along. I was sobbing throughout this book, and for me that is not a bad thing. You , after you read this book, will know that you have grown with this experience. I think anyone that cares enough about any kind of book should read this, and experience the emotions I felt when I read this book. I would proudly reccomend this book to anyone!