Cast/Crew Info

Starring Barbra Streisand
Directed by Irvin Kershner
Screenplay by Paul Zindel


A woman contemplates trying to tell her husband she is pregnant yet again, her attempts puncuated by her own fears and fantasies.


Though not as successful as What's Up, Doc? or The Way We Were, Up the Sandbox springs from the early 1970s, when Barbra Streisand's career was in full stride. Streisand stars as Margaret, a stay-at-home mom in the middle of New York who's feeling the strain of her narrow life. Frustrated by her self-involved husband and the emotionally rewarding but mentally unstimulating tasks of motherhood, she escapes into fantasies--such as being hit on by a cross-gendered Fidel Castro, bombing the Statue of Liberty with black militants, and having a furious catfight with her overbearing mother. The movie's strength lies in these fantasies' slippery nature; some are over the top, but others are so subtle you're not always sure where they start and stop, making the portrait of Margaret's psyche intriguingly complex. Streisand fans should check out this sleeper.


Up The SandBox Is Barbra At Her Best
This may not be the most popular Streisand Movie but it definetly is one of the best with all the scenes done perfectly and not a dull scene in the moive this is a must buy to any Streisand Fan !