"The stones and the nightmare were waiting for Jackson Cawley as the landrover raced toward the storm."


From School Library Journal
Gr 6-10-When 15-year-old Jake goes to visit his father, a bat biologist working in the Amazon, he hopes for a bit of adventure and perhaps a chance to prove himself. However, the trip takes a terrifying turn when he discovers that the creature responsible for the disappearances of the expedition's workers is a giant bat. As the bloodthirsty creature repeatedly attacks the camp and cuts off the only hope of escape, it falls to Jake to fight it. The suspense is tight and this fast-paced, gory tale will keep the most reluctant of readers on the edge of their seats. Fans of Zindel's other horror novels and readers just looking for a good scare will be satisfied.


Night of the Bat
I really liked the book because it was gory, scary, and exciting at the same time. It had lots of good detail that helped to get a clear picture.
The best part of the book I thought was when the giant bat came down from the sky and grabed one of the workers. The giant bat ripped the workers neck open blood went all over.
The author had a good plot. Like when the author gave all the details of the giant bat killed the guy and then how the crabs at what was left of him. He also did great on describing the setting in the jungle.