From School Library Journal
Sleuths P.C. and Mackenzie are attending a concert in Central Park when they hear sirens nearby. They race to the scene of what appears to be a pedestrian accident, but when the friends examine the victim's body, they notice slash marks on her neck and back. P.C. reminds the detective in charge that a similar death occurred in the same area only three days before. The police investigation focuses on a homeless drifter, but the teens perceive the pattern of a serial killer at work. In the grand tradition of teen detective series, adult characters are largely irrelevant. Although Mackenzie's mother is the city's chief coroner, her input comes strictly via gruesome dinner-table conversation. The kids don't hesitate to trade on her official rank, but, when it comes to on-site investigation, they go it alone. The police accord their activities a remarkable degree of tolerance. The two friends invade crime scenes, interview witnesses, view confidential files, and employ disguises and fake cover stories to interrogate suspects. They even utilize the illicit computer skills of a high school hacker to tap into official records-all with little concern for either standard procedure or legal protocol. After the expected hairbreadth escapes and dramatic confrontations, the young detectives unmask the murderer just in time. Readers in search of nonstop action and suspense will find it here.