"Professor Norak stopped dead in his tracks."


From School Library Journal
Grade 6 Up-A page-turner for older dinosaur lovers. While exploring a cave alone, Zack's paleontologist father is seriously wounded when he encounters a female raptor guarding her nest. After he is rescued, Zack goes to the area and finds a dinosaur egg, whereupon he is faced with circumstances that force him to make some very difficult choices. Add to this, an ego-maniacal professor, a Native-American friend and her wise grandmother, and highly descriptive prose, and the result is a teen perspective of Jurassic Park. If readers can survive the violent opening scene, they will enjoy equally descriptive encounters throughout the rest of the book. Although gory, these vivid portrayals make the narrative effective. Zindel is a master at creating and sustaining a mood and Raptor is no exception. From beginning to end, young people will be immersed in a battle between animal and man. In addition, the author adds to the plot by juxtaposing this encounter with society's fascination with sensationalism and materialistic nature. If Zack can capture a living dinosaur, his father will be a celebrity. There are several layers to this story and readers can determine for themselves how deep they will delve. The imaginative ending offers an opportunity for discussion about mutation and animal freedom.


My Favorite Zindel Book
This is by far my favorite book written by Zindel. Mainly because I have a fascination with dinosaurs. I thought that there was a constant supply of action and you will find it challenging to put the book down. I think it is well worth the few hours it might take to read. Anybody who does not read this book will be greatly missing out. The action starts off right away when the Raptor attacks Zach's father. There is never a dull moment. This is an awesome book!!

One of Zindel's Best Books
This is the second book I have read of Paul Zindel. I like this book a lot because it has good science fiction and gore. Zack's father is a preson who studies dinosaurs and one day is injured in a rock slide. Zack and his friend Uta, decide to go back in the cave and see what caused the rockslide. They find out that the cave is home to raptors that are supposed to be extinct. They encounter mutant wolves and a unusually looking raptor. i liked the parts with when the raptors killed Eric and when Zack and Uta confront the mutant wolves. This is one of Paul Zindel's best books.