Fifteen-year-old "Marsh" Mellow thinks the whole world hates him. Then he meets Edna Shinglebox, a classmate who looks as freaky and depressed as he is. Even though Marsh writes hate letters, carries around a raccoon in his coat pocket, and insults Edna constantly, Edna still likes him. After embarking on an incredible adventure that takes them halfway across the country, Edna and Marsh are surprised by what they learn about themselves and each other.

Paul Zindel strikes again with another literary marvel. This book is plain fun, and it's very easy to relate to the character of Edna Shinglebox (although, thank God, my parents are nothing like hers). Marsh is a very interesting character, and the book is typical Zindel fare. It's a lot of fun, and very, very interesting. It's a very good character study.

One of the best young adult books out there. Paul Zindel sets himself apart by bring characters to life with real problems. This story is about a girl who has a problem being social, and a boy who has a major monkey on his back. Great story, grabs you from begining to end. Highest rating...

A wonderful story of a girl who never gives up on her friend no matter how crazy he seems. The stuff from which true friendship is made...
I read this book as a teenager, and have recently re-added it to my collection for my son to read when he is old enough.

Paul Zindel is wonderful at making people not be able to put his books down. This is the first Paul Zindel book I've read but I'm sure it won't be the last. The way he interacts the people with eachother is amazing!