"In case you didn't read the first memorial epic Lorraine and I wrote about the Pigman, don't worry about it."

The Pigman has been dead for four months when John and Lorraine visit his empty house-and discover a down-and-out old man on the run from the tax collector. Convinced he's a sign from beyond the grave, John and Lorraine decide they've been given a chance to make up for what happened to the Pigman. Suddenly they're deep in another zany adventure with a surprising old man. What the learn along the way is the Pigman's Legacy.

Megan, USA
This book was so good that I could never put it down. I read this book for a test in school and I got every question right! Paul Zindel is a great author and one of my favorites. This story basically ends what the first Pigman story didnt. It can teach children lots of important morals in life by John and Lorraines experiances. The way that this story is written is almost like watching a movie in the theaters. Believe me it takes alot to have sit and read a book. I would of never found reading interesting if it wasnt for this book!