Co-written by Crescent Dragonwagon


When Chrysta Peretti runs away from home to start a new life for herself, away from her huge mother, and obnoxious father, she has no idea how rough life can be on her own. In this book, Chrysta is writing all her accounts down of her journeys, and struggles. When Chrysta moves to Excelsior Springs, Arkansas, she finally realizes what it's like to be loved and cared for, and at last she is able to come to terms with her childhood.

She's a run-away. Driven by rage and a passion to have a normal life, nothing can stop her. Who is this? Her name is Chrysta, a young 14 year old that is just trying to find a normal life or even a normal family.
This teen finds many friends along the way. Leaving some so thy can go their ways (but always communicating). As she travels about the country, she learns lessons, and the real meanings of things that weren't so important to her before. She grew up hard in the beginning, but she learns about herself along the way. This realistic fiction novel is sure to enter the lives of teenage girls.
This book was strait with the information. There were hardly any if, an's, or but's. You would think with all the description it had, it might have been real. I would defiantly recommend this book to teenage girls! It is so realistic, and makes you think, "Wow, this book could of really happened!" It's not one of those boring books that make you think, "When will this part ever end?"
Chrysta is constantly moving around to new places, more new friends, and even more life-long lessons. Page after page you knew you had to keep going. There was no stop. Many teens could of related to Chrysta during one of her situations in the book. So many events that happened, you would have to relate to one of them.
So do you happen to be a teenage girl with a thirst of realistic fiction adventures through the up's and downs? Pick up, To Take A Dare. You couldn't regret it. You're questions are sure to be, "Does she find her NORMAL life?" Maybe, maybe not. She may find other things just as important along the way.