Bobby Perkins knew the minute he saw Mr. Hulka, his sinister new neighbor, that the man was evil. Then one morning, while spying on the man, who works as an undertaker, Bobby thinks he witnesses a violent crime. Bobby is determined to expose Mr. Hulka, and he asks his best friend, Lauri, to help him. The two sleuths discover much more than they bargained for. Can Bobby and Lauri stop the evil Hulka before he claims his next victims?

A Wonderful Book For Mystery Lovers
This book is about two children that see Mr. Hulka, their new neighbor kill someone in the next room. Since these children are often making up stories and getting into trouble, no one will believe them. It is up to them to prove to everyone that their neighbor is a murderer.
I would definitely recommend this book. There was always something going on. The adventure never stopped. If you are into mysteries of any kind, I would definitely recommend this great book, because it always had me on the end of my seat, and turning the pages.

If only the rest of our lives were as eventful as this book! It's so funny,with an original plot. I like how Bobby and Lauri didn't care what others thought of them and had zany adventures. I was an outcast once,so I can identify with them. It shows that at times some popular people are vapid and have everything backwards;the outsiders are the ones who know what they're talking about.