Cast/Crew Info

Starring John Voight, Eric Roberts, Rebecca De Mornay
Directed by Andrei Konchalovsky
Screenplay by Paul Zindel


Leonard Maltin:
A rare bird, this film: an existential action movie! Hardened criminal and young accomplice escape from prison and hide out on a train that's barreling through Alaska without an engineer. Tough, violent, with hair-raising action footage and a superb characterization by Voight in his most atypical role to date.


A Haunting And Resonant Movie Set In The Alaskan Wilderness!
This movie was released back in 1986 and I recently watched it again and to my surprise and delight it hasn't aged a day. Jon Voight plays Manny, a tough convict who escapes from a Maximum Security Prison togther with his not too bright sidekick , played brilliantly by Eric Robert's , brother of Julia. They then hop onto a train which they soon discover is a "runaway" with no driver. It is fascinating to watch as the relationship betwen Voight and Roberts develops. Roberts initially sees Voight as a "Hero" but as the movie progresses he realizes that Manny is only a man suffering from a great amount of Internal Conflict which Voight dramatically tries to resolve at the end of the movie. This movie also stars Rebecca De Mornay in a not so glamourous role which gives her the opportunity to prove that she is actually a very good actress which I have suspected all along. This movie was shot in the snowy Alaskan Wilderness and the scenery alone is breathtaking. Well done Jon, Eric and Rebecca!!!